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Installing HPE ESXi custom image 6.5 update 1, iLO4 2.55 Update, SPP Gen8 2017.07.2

Its been a while since I updated my Gen8 Server so decided to do the whole upgrade at the same time.
Everything worked fine with no errors.

Update iLo 4 firmware to 2.55 Aug 16th 2017

Extract the file then run the bin file in the firmware update section of iLO
(see pingtools ref at the bottom for more info)

Update SPP to 2017.07.2 (Gen8)

DL ISO 2017.07.2
Safely Reboot with VMs Shut and maintenance mode
Boot from ISO at startup using Remote console in iLO

Update ESXi to 6.5u1

Backup my DC VM > Export to OVF
Shutdown all VMs
Enable Maintenance Mode on Host
Reboot Host and boot from ISO within iLO Remote Console
During the install process when selecting SD Card with existing ESXi you get option to upgrade or overwrite
Host reboots
New build no: 5969303


iLO4 2.55 DL –

SPP Gen8 2017.07.2 ISO DL: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:52C33DB4C44F3AD23A658783007F9C3DC2F9D905&dn=882085_001_spp-Gen8.0-SPPGen80.15.iso


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