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Import start layout XML into Windows 10 install.wim Image using PowerShell

In the previous post I exported the Start Layout to an XML file.
Now I will import this into a mounted Windows 10 Image which can then be deployed using various methods.

Copy Windows 10 Creator’s Update Enterprise ISO to local disk in C:\imagestore\.

Mount the ISO using PS:
Mount-DiskImage -ImagePath "C:\imagestore\15063.0.170317-1834.RS2_RELEASE_CLIENTENTERPRISEEVAL_OEMRET_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO"

Check if attached is true:
Get-DiskImage -ImagePath "C:\imagestore\15063.0.170317-1834.RS2_RELEASE_CLIENTENTERPRISEEVAL_OEMRET_X64FRE_EN-US.ISO"

Copy install.wim from sources folder of mounted ISO to local folder:
Copy-Item "F:\sources\install.wim" -Destination "C:\imagestore" -Verbose

Create local folder c:\offline:
New-Item -Path "C:" -Name "offline" -ItemType "directory"

Mount the Windows image to path c:\offline:
Mount-WindowsImage -ImagePath "C:\imagestore\install.wim" -Index 1 -Path "C:\offline"

Importing Start Layout XML to mounted image:
 Import-StartLayout -LayoutPath "C:\imagestore\StartLayout.xml" -MountPath "C:\offline" -verbose

Save Windows Image and Dismount:
Dismount-WindowsImage -path "c:\offline" -save -verbose


The path for default layout file for new users:

The GP Location in local policy:
User Conf\Admin T\Start Menu\Start Layout

In Win 10 you can also use WCD to make a provisioning package and run a new start layout on a live Windows System. I have gone through this in the previous post.


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