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How to fix USB in Virtualbox not working

I was trying to access USB drive in a Win 10 VM in VirtualBox. This was not working out of the box. Here is what I had to do.


  1. I installed latest version from Virtualbox website 5.1.22 and the extension pack from the website.
  2. Enabled the USB 3 controller in the VM settings.
  3. I started the VM and installed Guest Additions with the ISO mounted.
  4. Added myself to vboxusers group, restarted host then the VM recognised USB devices.
  5. I had to click the USB icon in the bottom right of the VM window to select the USB device or in the top menu under devices.

I did have an issue where one device was not appearing in My Computer inside the Windows VM but another USB device was so you could try another USB device.

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